KML brings you the best!

We only supply international engine maker brands and its supporting products with proven performance and lasting durability.



PT. KML has been the trusted choice of the premium and corporate customers since 1980 for its’ reliability in providing Diesel and Gas generating set supply, Engineering Procurement and Construction works, Parts supply and Maintenance service contract.

As a commitment to become a full realm - one roof solutions provider, we also provide Lubricant filter system, Oil / Lubricant supply, Fuel system – Pre fuel filter, Alternator supply, and even Construction Equipment.

The motto of our services:
“No Compromise On Performance”

Why our customer choose us as their partner is simply because our competence in providing and supplying Power Generating and Engine peripherals since 1980. PT. KML will be the best partner to respond to your power needs.

Come to PT. KML and expect to get:

Briliant ideas and solutions
to benefit your business
Professional Problem Solving
& In Depth Analysis
Modern & State Of The Art
Product Collection
Orderliness In Every Aspect
Of Our Operation